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SANOS™ - saturable noise suppressor product list λ = 1064 nm
SANOS - saturable noise suppressor for suppression of optical noise, for instance ASE after an optical amplifier or remaining pulses after a pulse picker.
-> see flyer: "SANOS - saturable noise suppressor" (pdf)
Part No. Lead
Description Data
per piece
FS-SANOS-1064-1 2 weeks Free-space SANOS: λ = 1064 nm, FWHM = 17 nm,
noise suppression ratio: 12 dB, insertion loss: 3 dB,
saturation fluence: 4 µJ/cm2
PDF Data 980 EUR
FS-SANOS-1064-2 2 weeks Free-space SANOS λ = 1064 nm,
two consecutive reflections on resonant saturable absorber mirrors,
FWHM = 17 nm, noise suppression ratio: > 20 dB,
insertion loss: 6 dB, saturation fluence: 10 µJ/cm2
PDF Data 1380 EUR
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